Patching Up the Problems in Women’s Sexual Health and Pregnancy

One of the lower recognized pregnancy prevention items readily available is called the birth control patch. The birth control patch is a thin, beige square spot that stays with the skin. By launching hormonal agents through the skin into the blood stream, this birth control method would help avoid pregnancy. By integrating the hormones called progesterone and estrogen, the patch avoids ovulation or the release of an egg from the ovaries throughout a female’s monthly menstruation. The hormones in the patch also thickens the mucus produced in the cervix, making it hard for sperm to get in and reach any eggs that may have been launched.

Comparable to other kinds of birth control such as the birth control pill or ring, the user works on the birth control spot based on her menstrual cycle. Normally, the woman puts the spot on the very first day of her menstrual cycle, or the first Sunday after her cycle begins.

The sales of birth control patches dipped after a legal grievance was made by a group of 40 ladies, all of which used a popular birth control spot, straight to the patch’s producer. One particular lawsuit declared that 43 ladies suffered from blood embolisms and other disorders after taking a popular branded birth control patch.

These lawsuits grumbled that the producer of this contraception patch apparently cannot caution the public about the threats of using the said product. The complainant likewise declared that the company tricked the general public about the intensity of possible side effects, which consists of hiding information about the threat of strokes and serious blood clots. Shawn Khorrami, one of the attorneys for the complainants, stated that this item ought to not be on the market. When a specific item is put out, offering ladies more hormonal agents than they need, then you are increasing their risk of developing those disorders. Khorrami likewise included that similar lawsuits have actually been filed on behalf of nearly 400 ladies around the United States.

Last September, the FDA alerted ladies regarding the risk of embolism in the lungs and legs and their use of contraception patches. As an outcome of the caution, the item label was upgraded to show the information of one research study that discovered females utilizing the spot dealt with twice the threat of clots than did ladies on the tablet. From this information, females must be careful in choosing their type of contraception. It is advisable for them to go and visit their gynecologist or doctor, and attempt to gather realities about their health history, and choose the best birth control that will suit both their health and lifestyle.

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